Top Uses of Lapel Pins in the Modern Times ?>

Top Uses of Lapel Pins in the Modern Times

Lapel pins are usually small ornaments worn over the lapel or collar of one’s clothing. However, they can also be attached to baseball caps, sashes, bags, and other accessories as a decoration. The popularity of lapel pins dates back to the ancient period when they were usually worn by officers in the armed forces. Today, the practice has evolved into a lot of other uses both in business and for fun. Here, we discuss the top two most popular uses of pins in the modern times.

Military Pins


just like in the olden days, military lapel pins are one of the most popular types today. They are worn for various purposes as patriotism, remembrance, recognition and membership. Patriotic pins are worn by enlisted personnel to instill and remind them of the patriotic duty that they hold dear in the profession. These pins may not be limited to standard military issue as even informal groups or individual soldiers design their own pins. As remembrance pins, these are distributed to enlisted personnel to commemorate special occasions and anniversaries such as the 4th of July. Pins of this type are also shared to the civilian population such as family members and friends in the form of souvenir items and tokens.

lapel pinsWithin the ranks, pins are also worn to signify one’s rank, individual achievements or entry into an elite specialized group within the structure. These pins are often worn as a badge of honor and to distinguish high ranking officials from the rest of the members of the corps. Each branch of the armed force may also be identified with the pins that military personnel wear together with their uniforms. It indicates whether one is serving the navy, the air force, the intelligence units, the engineering corps, or other service units within the military establishment.

These types of pins may be difficult to acquire if you are not a member of the military. However, auctions and garage sales offer opportunities to get one. You may even find antique and historical pieces dating back to the Civil War era, which might also be valued highly by those interested in collecting such pieces.

Business Pins


Lapel pins are largely used in the business community. One example is as identification tags and token items during business conventions, conference, trade shows, and seminars. This type is often collected by those attending these types of social and business gatherings. Exhibit participants often have pins for distribution to those who visit their exhibit areas and booths.

The pins are also used as promotional items for companies promoting their products and services. Though a bit more costly compared to other marketing collaterals used in advertising, the pins are more durable and valuable and could last longer. They are often very effective in promoting brand recognition by the public, enticing potential customers and enhancing loyalty for frequent clients and users of the products and services.

Within the company, recognition pins are given as tokens and rewards to outstanding employees and those who have been with the company for a number of years already. Retiring employees also get special pins as a token for their years of service rendered. Carefully crafted pins made of precious metals are often valued pieces used to motivate and promote loyalty within the ranks.

The lapel pins are also used to indicate the position, responsibility, and/or the department where the employee belongs. In some companies, the pins replace the identification cards that are commonly used in work places. Aside from the aesthetic and identification purposes, such pins can also help bolster security to identify bona fide employees from those who are in disguise to enter company headquarters or compounds.